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a flavor for and imitation of before kinds, a recurrent phenomenon given that historic periods based upon the premise that previously functions were being by some means purer and simpler. Cf. primitivism.

a term made use of to describe a trend clear of abstract expressionism toward a subjective expressionism focusing on correct-to-everyday living forms, the factual, and simply evident kinds.

a motion from the early nineteen fifties which claimed being in revolt against each Abstractism and naturalism, getting its identify from patches of coloration (Fr.

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the technique of making drawings and etchings that appear to be carved in small aid. — anaglyptographic, adj.

a late 19th-century reaction to Impressionism, emphasizing on one hand the psychological element of portray and on another a return to formal composition; the main brought about Expressionism; the next, to Cubism. — Publish-Impressionist, n.

(frequently with capital) languages, literature, record, versus scientific topics. kunste ??????? ????????? ??????????? ??????????? Humanas humanitní/spolecenské vedy die Geisteswissenschaften (pl.) humanistiske fag ??as???? ep?st?µe? Letras, Filosofía y Letras humanitaaralad ?????? ???? humanistiset tieteet lettres ??????????? ??? društve znanosti bölcsészet ilmu-ilmu sastra hugvísindi Lettere, materie umanistiche ???? ?? ?? humanitariniai mokslai humanitaras zinatnes sastera letterenhumanistiske fag nauki humanistyczne ???? ?????? Letras domenii umaniste ???????????? ????? humanitné vedy humanisticne vede društvene nauke (nasuprot prirodnim naukama), kao predmeti proucavanja u školi ili na fakultetu ämnen inom humanistiska fakulteten, humaniora ?????????? sosyal bilimler ?? ??????????? ????? ???? ? ???? ????? môn ngh? thu?t ??

art - the generation of lovely or substantial factors; "art does not should be ground breaking for being great"; "I had been never ever any great at artwork"; "he mentioned that architecture is the artwork of wasting Place superbly"

vindingrykheid ??????????? ??????? astúcia obratnost, rafinovanost die List snedighed; udspekulerethed ep?t?de??t?taastucia; artimaña osavus ??????? kekseliäisyys astuce???? ???? prepredenost ügyesség kecerdikan kænska astuzia ??? ?? gudrumas, apsukrumas viltiba kelicikan gewiekstheidlist, sluhet przebieglosc ??????? astúcia viclenie ???????????? prefíkanost, lstivost zvijacnost veština fileörslagenhet, listing ?????????????????? kurnazlik ?? ?????????? ?? ???? s? khéo léo ??

tension - a balance in between and interplay of opposing aspects or tendencies (specifically in art or literature); "There's a tension developed amongst narrative time and Film time"; "There exists a pressure amongst these ways to being familiar with background"

(= ability) ? Kunst f; (= physical system) ? Geschick nt, ? Kunst art f; there’s an art to driving this car ? es gehört ein gewisses Geschick dazu, mit diesem Automobile zu fahren; there’s an artwork to it ? das ist eine Kunst; the artwork of war/governing administration ? die Kriegs-/Staatskunst; the artwork of discussion/translation ? die Kunst der Unterhaltung/Übersetzung; arts and crafts ? Kunsthandwerk nt, ? Kunstgewerbe nt

sculpt, sculpture - produce by have a peek here shaping stone or Wooden or any other really hard materials; "sculpt a swan away from a block of ice"

artwork - the merchandise of human creativity; performs of artwork collectively; "an his comment is here art exhibition"; "a good selection of art"

ventriloquism, ventriloquy - the artwork of projecting your voice to ensure that it seems this content to come from One more resource (as from a ventriloquist's dummy)

decalcomania - the artwork of transfering styles from specially well art prepared paper into a Wooden or glass or metallic area

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